janeStudio is the result of a dream shared by Marti Jane Robertson, American recording engineer living in Italy, and Michelegiuseppe Rovelli, eclectic Sardinian musician/producer whose education and training was accomplished off the Island. Two people with the same vision: to bring top quality and professionalism into music making.

At janeStudio, the control room is open to the recording space. This allows direct contact between the musicians, the engineer and the producer. You work closely together to bring your ideas and dreams to light.

The 70m2 studio was designed by Dario Paini and built by Claudio Nordio, a well-established Italian team who has done many highly specialized projects in Italy and abroad.

Dario studied the acoustics of the room down to the last detail, with areas that are live, others more controlled, for the best acoustic possibility in recording each instrument. Warm colors, 5m ceilings, dimmered lighting all make the atmosphere perfect for creating your music. The room is ideal for recording many instruments at one time thanks to mobile acoustic panels that allow several musicians to play together and see each other while minimizing leakage.

@Photo by Pierluigi Dessì