Vittorio Pitzalis – Remembering Memphis

A month after Vittorio returns from Memphis, some photographs which recount this wonderful experience.

Vittorio and MGJR Records would like to thank Flavio Ibba and Fabrizia Dessì of RED ROSE PRODUCTIONS, executive producers of the video of the whole Memphis experience, entrusted to the gifted film director, Vonjako (Andrea Giacomini).  We’d also like to thank Davide Grandi and the entire staff at Delta Blues, the Festival di Rovigo, and Rootsway for their support.  It was an unforgettable experience for all of us, soon to be relived through the documentary on Vittorio.

Thank you so much!


Vittorio and Marti listen to the IBC staff’s warm welcome.
A dream-come-true for Vittorio: playing on the banks of the Mississippi.
Another dream-come-true: to play at Sun Studio.
The first exchange between artists: Charlie Bedford and Vittorio.
Vittorio recounts his life.
The film director, Vonjako, at work.
His first Live at the Blues City Cafe
A shot taken by one of the judges during the Contest.
Outside Sun Studio.
A breathtaking sunset on the Mississippi.
Vittorio recording at Sun Studio.
Nighttime filming on the Tram.
Michele, Vittorio’s electrified producer.
Lunch with the staff.