Vittorio Pitzalis, MGJR Records and Red Rose Productions Are Heading to Memphis

35th Memphis “International Blues Challenge”

The team is heading to Tennessee where Vittorio will represent Italy at the IBC in the Solo/Duo category.  Emotionally charged after the success at Rovigo with the debut album “Jimi James”,  Vittorio and the MGJR Records staff will live an unforgettable experience at the International Blues Challenge.  Not only for the contest but also for the brand new collaboration with Flavio Ibba and Fabrizio Dessì’s Red Rose Productions who will produce a documentary about the trip, the performances at the IBC and a videoclip of a new single, all in the hands of the director  VONJAKO (Andrea Jako Giacomini), director for Eros Ramazzotti, Vasco Rossi, Fabi Fibra, among others.

You can follow us on this fantastic journey on the MGJR Records’  Facebook and Instagram  pages as well as on our website.

See you soon!