Plus39 Inaugurates the Nuoro Jazz Collection

Plus39 is a group formed by the “Best Students of Nuoro Jazz” of the 2017 Summer Seminars.

The basis of the almost entirely original repertoire of the group is jazz, with evident influences of R&B and soul, giving great importance to the typical Mediterranean melody and lyricism. The group’s particularity lies in its formation including 2 female voices, enhanced by the arrangements both as soloists as well as working in section. The coexistence of guitar and piano allow the creation of unusual and continually changing timbres.  The voices are Fabiana Manfredi and Federica Muscas; on piano, Vittorio Esposito; on guitar, Luca Zennaro; contrabass is Stefano Zambon and on drums is Francesco Parodi. In the summer of 2018, they play various important festivals such as Time in Jazz, the Pedras et Sonus Jazz Festival, coming home to the Nuoro Jazz Festival during which they record their first album.

You can listen here.